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‘A Fingerprint of the Energy from Water’ by John Byde

These images are from a technique I developed over many years of trial and error. Experimenting to capture the effect produced by water flowing over polished brass sheets; carefully placed in high natural streams in a most energetic area called The Peak District. The light that produces the best images is indirect, a discipline all of its own that took years to master. These are some of the best from 40,000 images. They are like a fingerprint of the energy from water and emit, in a subtle way, that energy to the area they are mounted in. This is an overlapping of science and nature involving; Chemistry, Optics, Physics, hydro dynamics, Alloys and Art. These pictures are reproduced to the highest standards possible using Giclee technology and are professionally mounted with high grade UV art glass. John Byde 28.11.2019   Some examples of ready made products now available to order, here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/WaterBrassArt  

“Eye of the Storm”, 2012


“Eloptic Energy”, 2016


“Interdimensional Capsule”, 2012


“Shrine Base”, 2012


“Atlantis”, 2012


“Interdimensional Capsule”, 2012


WATER BRASS ART Calendar 2019

2019 CALENDAR ~ in celebration of 6+ years of WATER BRASS ART

A4 spiral calendar containing 12 popular WATER BRASS ART images. Printed on high quality paper in full colour. What you see is Water’s motion imprinted on Brass sheets as it happens in Nature, producing the patterns & colours, photographed by the artist. Aphorisms by John Byde.

Calendar created by isisstg (WBA collaborator/manager)
Printing by ASK Creative

Price : £12.50 plus p&p
To see further details and place an order for our calendar,

please visit our Etsy Shop at


or send us an email to: waterbrassart@gmx.com
Thank you!

www.waterbrassart.com, www.facebook.com/waterbrassart


2018 CALENDAR ~ in celebration of 5+ years of WATER BRASS ART

A4 spiral calendar containing 12 popular WATER BRASS ART images. Printed on high quality paper in full colour. What you see is Water’s motion imprinted on Brass sheets as it happens in Nature, producing the patterns & colours, photographed by the artist. Aphorisms by John Byde.

Calendar created by isisstg (WBA collaborator/manager)
Printing by ASK Creative

Price : £12.50
To purchase our calendar, please send an email to: waterbrassart@gmx.com
Thank you.

www.waterbrassart.com, www.facebook.com/waterbrassart


 “Eye of The Storm” by John Byde, Sept. 2012


Immortality or Living Eternally is a frequency.

We tune to this frequency by cultivating ourselves and by removing obstacles to the frequency usually known to us and called bad habits (only in our thoughts and called inner talking or chatter) or fear.

Now we have a goal.        

Then our life may be devoted to finding that frequency while physical and the removal of all obstacles to its reception.
You can think of a radio transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is strong and good with its signal, then, if the signal isn’t getting through we can think of anything that improves reception such as; installing an antenna or increasing its height or shape, maybe you have to put the antenna outside the house. Eventually you get to see how best to improve the reception so the frequency is heard or felt constantly and loud.

3D is for immortals who deliberately lost the transmission of eternal life and have forgotten they did this way in the past, as an experiment to study that which is not eternal.  Now we are remembering (dis member re member).  So we tune out any weather conditions that occlude, fog or confuse the reception of said higher frequency, call them politics, religion, war or negative vibes that we used to associate with think about and make real for our experiences, also called hypnotism and prison.
We begin to see other frequencies or seeing in a new light.

To help us get there we build devices such as Galen Hieronymus’s Eloptic (Electromagnetic/Optic) Energy machine:
http://www.rexresearch.com/hieronym/1hieron.htm (copy & paste into browser)
Also Grigori Grabovoi’s PRK-1U :
Royal Raymond Rife’s frequency generator that destroys all bacteria and viruses:
http://www.rexresearch.com/rife/rifebeam.htm (copy & paste into browser)
Then, over a period of re-adjustment the distance from transmitter to reception becomes zero so you are living the frequency of Eternal Life.
John Byde

Patterns & Colour on Brass formed by Water ~ John Byde

These patterns are made by water currents running over polished brass. The colour variation, viewed in daylight, are produced by different velocities of water flow; around objects and within the skeins of water itself. The last point is a little hard to grasp. Water has variable viscosity in thin films. This variation means high speed thicker skeins are more slippery, so at the edge of such a stream there is turbulence, this makes different colours. (surface tension is one aspect of this)

As NO ONE has explained this phenomena my guess is an electrical effect. The film was made using one brass sheet that would fit in the hand. The camera is kept in the same position, the light is altered either by shooting at dawn, all the best brasses are shot at dawn, and sunset. Other variations are caused using LED lights of different colours. The LED’s only take effect at very low light levels because they may be 2-3 meters from the object. This allows fast manipulation, monitored in the view screen before the shutter is pressed (remotely to prevent shake).

Prof.Pollack’s work on EZ water may help to calibrate patterns for water analysis and the work of Dr.Benveniste (Water has a memory) and Dr.Masaru Emoto, not forgetting our old friend Victor Schauberger. The colour is akin to a butterfly wing or an iridescent beetle. Dye less colour.
John Byde
Water Brass Art image, October 2016 (img1082)

Τεχνη Ορειχαλκος Νερου by John Byde, Αγγλος καλλιτεχνης/εφευρετης

IMG_0020-Archipelago of light(Water Brass Art image, “Archipelago of light”, Sept. 2015)
WATER BRASS ART by John Byde, British Artist/Inventor
Τεχνη Ορειχαλκος Νερου
by John Byde, Αγγλος καλλιτεχνης/εφευρετης
Δηλωση Καλλιτεχνη
Αυτη η νεα μορφη τεχνης προεκυψε καθως επιθυμουσα να μετρησω τη φορτιση που υπαρχει σε μια δινη νερου. Καθως δεν ειχα εργαλεια μετρησης, βρηκα οτι μπορουσα να χρησιμοποιησω ορειχαλκο για να δειξω τον τροπο με τον οποιο η φορτιση μετακινειται μεσα σε μια ροη νερου.
Δεν θα ειχα κανει αυτη την απροσμενη ανακαλυψη χωρις τα αλλα μου ενδιαφεροντα, οπως τις λεπτες ενεργειες και την παραγωγη ενεργειας απο το νερο χρησιμοποιωντας μηχανες ελευθερης ενεργειας.

Το νερο ειναι ενας ζωντανος οργανισμος με κινηση και πολλες δομες. Ορισμενες δομες εμφανιζονται μονο οταν ειναι σε κινηση και λογω αυτης της κινησης, ενα ηλεκτρικο φορτιο αναπτυσσεται τη στιγμη που περιστρεφεται. Οσο πιο γρηγορη ειναι η περιστροφη, τοσο μεγαλυτερη ειναι η φορτιση. Δουλευω με αυτη την αρχη σε πολλα επιπεδα για να παραγω αυτη την ασυνηθιστη μορφη τεχνης.

Η δημιουργία αυτου του νεου γενους τεχνης εχει εμπνευσει την περιεργεια μου για τη διαδικασια και τα αποτελεσματα της, προκαλωντας μια αισθηση καταπληξης που υποκινει περαιτερω πειραματισμο.

Η Τεχνη Ορειχαλκος Νερου ειναι ενας συνδυασμος Επιστημης, Μυστηριου, Τεχνης και Φυσης, μια διαισθητικη συνθεση διαφορων αλχημικων εργαλειων που κινειται σε απροβλεπτες κατευθυνσεις.

Οι εικονες Τεχνης Ορειχακος Νερου δεν ειναι ποτε τελειωμενες καθως οσο ζω με αυτες τις βιωνω με νεους τροπους. Μου ανταποδιδουν τη φιλοφρονηση και με αναπτυσσουν οπως εγω τις αναπτυξα αρχικα. Ειναι σαν το ταξιδι του ποιητη. Ο ποιητης κανει μια δοκιμη του μελανιου στο χαρτι. Εδω το νερο ειναι το μελανι και ο ορειχαλκος η περγαμηνη.
Η εφευρεση αυτου του ειδους τεχνης και στη συνεχεια, η δημιουργια των μεμονομενων εικονων σε φωτογραφικη μορφη – βλεποντας σε βαθος την καταγραφη του νερου πανω στον ορειχαλκο μεσα απο τον φακο, εικονες που φαινεται να αντανακλουν αρχετυπικες δυναμεις, πραγματι ειναι μια μοναδικη διαδικασια καλλιτεχνικης εκφρασης που εξερευνα το χρωμα και τα μοτιβα που δημιουργουνται μονο με τρεχουμενο νερο και φυλλα απο ορειχαλκο. Η αναπτυξη αυτης της διαδικασιας εχει παρει πολλα χρονια.

[Translation/Μεταφραση ιστοσελιδας www.waterbrassart.com/reflections
~ Kristen Isis Karayani]
*All rights reserved*
artist statement-GR


I have been working with water and brass for several years.

For the waterbrass art I use a new sheet of brass for every picture set.

The patterns can be complex.

To find a story in the complexity is where the artist comes in; a search for depth or a landscape in smears of colour and scratches, it is like looking for a golden nugget.
Some brasses are easy to photograph, they already have their character and patterns and they jump out of the surface.

The art is in giving depth by careful lighting.

The best effects are from indirect lighting.

This is optics, the light comes to the lens at the same angle it hit the reflective surface, like billiard balls bouncing, straight forward to work out once you know this.

Sometimes my studio looks like a crime scene; well it does in my head because I am computing the angles of the light to the lens.

This sets the background lighting coming from long experience, the scaffolding of the art.

Some brasses, ones that have been in water for many months, have thicker deposits, these can be picked up by oblique lighting, maybe a small led torch shining across the surface, any topography jumps out. This is balanced with the background lighting, which may be very delicate; one softly glowing led 3 meters from the brass.

With the basic principles worked out I can go mining for my pictures, often ending up holding lights in both hands having found the perfect shot and still trying to operate the shutter with the small remote, even putting it in my mouth to click it (not recommended).

We were given some pieces of scrap brass. I decided to clean them up; I just liked having them around.

They cleaned up quite well but not good enough for water work, so I started photographing the cleaning residues and experimenting. Just like Waterbrassart it is all in the lighting. I am not sure if it is a new technique but it will be interesting to see how it develops.

I have had several chats with Cannon on working at the limits of the camera and they have been very helpful. The basic settings use manual focus and the same for aperture, fast film speed and no lens filters.

"Telesunscope" by John Byde

IMG_2176 (2)
“We spiral with the Sun. As a comet does the sun and us
in its tail point towards Sirius, so we never see past
the sun at what it is orbiting.

We have no technology to put a satellite in front of the
sun, to see what it does, we can only see through the
sun. not from it to where it is pointing.

Water provides an instrument to see beyond the sun.
The whole solar system becomes a special telescope.

We follow with the sun , we cannot send a physical object
beyond the sun, that is a reality that does not exist
for us, but none physical can see beyond the sun if we
approach the solar system as a large radio telescope. The
Sun becomes the lens the planets the various
adjustments to see a focus through the lens of the sun.”
John Byde

Commentary on my WATER BRASS ART image “HORIZON”

Some brasses I just look at and know ‘this is going to be fun’. After exposing over 150 brasses you get that feeling. They are all my children; it’s just that some I can look at and know it is going to be interesting.

There is a scientific aspect to this one, “Horizon” (see image above).

The water that made it came from an area with very high calcite solution, over 200 ppm (Parts per Million). The water we experiment with in The High Peaks is only 40 ppm. So calcium, dissolved in water, produces interesting designs. This one is from a water tank; the flow is made by an aquarium pump over a few days. The sky is the splash zone from the pump. Half the brass was under water so we get the strong line that looks like the horizon. It is uneven because the water surface is moving due to the water jet from the pump. We also get calcium deposits above the water level, these are white and it likes blue light, for some reason (string of objects to the left of the tree). The other colours are from led’s held at a distance just enough to add a colour wash. I shoot at different times of the day; I prefer dawn, which usually means staying up all night because I can’t drag myself out of bed. JB


“The Truth Is… Believe Me When I Say…” By John Byde

You could simply say ‘this is true’ perhaps you are asked to prove it. By the same token you could say ‘this is a lie’ again a statement and or a claim, which is testing a theory. Wise ones say nothing, the sages with their inner knowing have nothing to prove, because they realise there is nothing to prove. Proof is a shared agreement as if we need a witness to also say it was their experience; a scientific approach a repeatable experiment but our own feelings are unique to us, coloured by our own journey, perhaps in more than one lifetime. These are a valid response. The poet in me would say like throwing a pebble in a pond to watch or feel the ripples on the shore of my truth because we know that TRUTH is a word that always needs the possessive pronoun of my rather than pushy THE.

Years ago politicians used to say, like a mantra, ‘The truth is….or Believe me when I say…’ I notice they don’t say that so much any more. They used truth and belief as a light source to project information on to a screen, as time has past the screen is thread bare and another light shines brighter, and that is the validation of those ripples on our toes at the edge of the pond of our truth.”

John Byde