"Telesunscope" by John Byde

IMG_2176 (2)
“We spiral with the Sun. As a comet does the sun and us
in its tail point towards Sirius, so we never see past
the sun at what it is orbiting.

We have no technology to put a satellite in front of the
sun, to see what it does, we can only see through the
sun. not from it to where it is pointing.

Water provides an instrument to see beyond the sun.
The whole solar system becomes a special telescope.

We follow with the sun , we cannot send a physical object
beyond the sun, that is a reality that does not exist
for us, but none physical can see beyond the sun if we
approach the solar system as a large radio telescope. The
Sun becomes the lens the planets the various
adjustments to see a focus through the lens of the sun.”
John Byde