“Eye of The Storm” by John Byde, Sept. 2012


Immortality or Living Eternally is a frequency.

We tune to this frequency by cultivating ourselves and by removing obstacles to the frequency usually known to us and called bad habits (only in our thoughts and called inner talking or chatter) or fear.

Now we have a goal.        

Then our life may be devoted to finding that frequency while physical and the removal of all obstacles to its reception.
You can think of a radio transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is strong and good with its signal, then, if the signal isn’t getting through we can think of anything that improves reception such as; installing an antenna or increasing its height or shape, maybe you have to put the antenna outside the house. Eventually you get to see how best to improve the reception so the frequency is heard or felt constantly and loud.

3D is for immortals who deliberately lost the transmission of eternal life and have forgotten they did this way in the past, as an experiment to study that which is not eternal.  Now we are remembering (dis member re member).  So we tune out any weather conditions that occlude, fog or confuse the reception of said higher frequency, call them politics, religion, war or negative vibes that we used to associate with think about and make real for our experiences, also called hypnotism and prison.
We begin to see other frequencies or seeing in a new light.

To help us get there we build devices such as Galen Hieronymus’s Eloptic (Electromagnetic/Optic) Energy machine:
http://www.rexresearch.com/hieronym/1hieron.htm (copy & paste into browser)
Also Grigori Grabovoi’s PRK-1U :
Royal Raymond Rife’s frequency generator that destroys all bacteria and viruses:
http://www.rexresearch.com/rife/rifebeam.htm (copy & paste into browser)
Then, over a period of re-adjustment the distance from transmitter to reception becomes zero so you are living the frequency of Eternal Life.
John Byde