‘Perfecting the art’ is a good line but does not say anything about continuing insights. It is as if perfect implies finished; it does not, as there is an evolution, a creation and regeneration with ongoing insight from the viewer.

This new innovative visual artform came about because I wished to measure the charge in spinning threads of water; lacking any measuring instruments I found I could use brass (a metal composed primarily of copper and zinc) to show how charge moved in a water flow.

I would not have made this serendipitous discovery without my other interests in subtle energy and power generation from water using free energy machines.

Water is an essential living thing with movement and numerous structures within it. Some structures only appear when it is moving and because of this motion an electrical charge develops the moment it spins; the faster the spin the higher the charge. I work with this principle on many levels to produce this unfamiliar form of art.

Creating this new genus of art, which exposes audiences to ideas they hadn’t seen before, has inspired my curiosity for the process and its results, maintaining a sense of wonder that incites further experimentation. Science, Mystery, Art and Nature combined; intuitively synthesising various alchemical tools and moving in exciting and unforeseen new directions and developments.

These pictures are never finished, because as I live with them I experience them in new ways, they return the compliment and develop me as I originally developed them. It is like a poet’s journey; the poet leaves a trial of ink on paper. Here the water is the ink and the brass the vellum.

Inventing this type of artwork and then creating the individual pictures in photographic form by seeing the profound water brass images through the lens; images that appear to reflect archetypal forces, is a unique process of artistic expression that has evolved over several years, inspiring memories and e-motions in the artist and viewer with a sense of divine change.