Commentary on my WATER BRASS ART image “HORIZON”

Some brasses I just look at and know ‘this is going to be fun’. After exposing over 150 brasses you get that feeling. They are all my children; it’s just that some I can look at and know it is going to be interesting.

There is a scientific aspect to this one, “Horizon” (see image above).

The water that made it came from an area with very high calcite solution, over 200 ppm (Parts per Million). The water we experiment with in The High Peaks is only 40 ppm. So calcium, dissolved in water, produces interesting designs. This one is from a water tank; the flow is made by an aquarium pump over a few days. The sky is the splash zone from the pump. Half the brass was under water so we get the strong line that looks like the horizon. It is uneven because the water surface is moving due to the water jet from the pump. We also get calcium deposits above the water level, these are white and it likes blue light, for some reason (string of objects to the left of the tree). The other colours are from led’s held at a distance just enough to add a colour wash. I shoot at different times of the day; I prefer dawn, which usually means staying up all night because I can’t drag myself out of bed. JB