‘A Fingerprint of the Energy from Water’ by John Byde

These images are from a technique I developed over many years of trial and error. Experimenting to capture the effect produced by water flowing over polished brass sheets; carefully placed in high natural streams in a most energetic area called The Peak District. The light that produces the best images is indirect, a discipline all of its own that took years to master. These are some of the best from 40,000 images. They are like a fingerprint of the energy from water and emit, in a subtle way, that energy to the area they are mounted in. This is an overlapping of science and nature involving; Chemistry, Optics, Physics, hydro dynamics, Alloys and Art. These pictures are reproduced to the highest standards possible using Giclee technology and are professionally mounted with high grade UV art glass. John Byde 28.11.2019   Some examples of ready made products now available to order, here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/WaterBrassArt  

“Eye of the Storm”, 2012


“Eloptic Energy”, 2016


“Interdimensional Capsule”, 2012


“Shrine Base”, 2012


“Atlantis”, 2012


“Interdimensional Capsule”, 2012