“The Truth Is… Believe Me When I Say…” By John Byde

You could simply say ‘this is true’ perhaps you are asked to prove it. By the same token you could say ‘this is a lie’ again a statement and or a claim, which is testing a theory. Wise ones say nothing, the sages with their inner knowing have nothing to prove, because they realise there is nothing to prove. Proof is a shared agreement as if we need a witness to also say it was their experience; a scientific approach a repeatable experiment but our own feelings are unique to us, coloured by our own journey, perhaps in more than one lifetime. These are a valid response. The poet in me would say like throwing a pebble in a pond to watch or feel the ripples on the shore of my truth because we know that TRUTH is a word that always needs the possessive pronoun of my rather than pushy THE.

Years ago politicians used to say, like a mantra, ‘The truth is….or Believe me when I say…’ I notice they don’t say that so much any more. They used truth and belief as a light source to project information on to a screen, as time has past the screen is thread bare and another light shines brighter, and that is the validation of those ripples on our toes at the edge of the pond of our truth.”

John Byde