Memories and Magnetic Fields

“Writing of Water’s Memory to Metal” (Water Brass Art image, Aug.2012)
Memories and Magnetic Fields By John Byde
Our blood is red due to the effects of oxides of iron.

As the needle is to the groove of an old 45 vinyl, the magnetic field is to these oxides.

Jacques Benveniste said water has a memory.

The oxides write the gross magnetic field to the fluid in our blood.

Blood circulates with oxides in water; a constant write read fluid hard drive.

The magnetic field of the Earth does similar; read write solar and cosmic data.

A strong magnetic field over rides other data. That which is closest to you has the greatest effect.

As the magnetic field of the Earth fluctuates or drops, it’s like a flower opening.

It will allow data, impressions from further afield to enter our fluid awareness.

Memory is related to time. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

You could liken the strong magnetic field to the Akashic record.

Wise ones would isolate frequencies by being still, no thought = no read write to the records = no karma. From this place they looked to other tracks in other vinyls, not just from the Earth field or they wrote their own.

There are places that exist on Earth where the magnetic fields are tuned, these are taken advantage of by wise ones in order to find the place of non interference and sense their own field.
For the truth in this switch off thinking = no thought zone, that is the centre of the see saw of the creation of the labyrinth we enjoy for the walls are made of thoughts and words.
Future memories and that which has any value is creativity, the currency of all that is. To enjoy this we become all that we are not while aware I AM.

John Byde