Mechanics Of The Eye of The Storm

Mechanics of the eye of the storm.
See first image on my Home page, which I call “The Eye of The Storm”
And Phylotaxis /nomenclature/Language of coils.
I often say to people, “The best stories are written backwards”
The writer of a detective novel or mystery writes anoutline, roughs out the ideas on a time line, then decides where Fred or Freda have to be in order that the first time reader cannot figure out the zenith so they are surprised by the twist that satisfies the plot line or whatever you were led to believe by the story teller.
So if you have a spot of time travel in this World you can see the ramifications of ideas on a larger scale.  That is for another story.
Perhaps you have seen Reni Magritte’s pipe, example below.  (For a rather verbose critique of Magritte’s pipe see :- where in there is a rather good visual joke).
Under the pipe he writes in French ‘This is not a pipe’! What’s he mean?  It’s a picture of a pipe, obviously, but in our minds we don’t make the distinction but I am and you will see why as this tail unravels.
When we are building something we use plans blue prints or outlines; we do this for buildings circuits and other 3d constructs we want to see manifest .
Let us take a circuit diagram, here we represent our characters, if it was a novel, by graphics www= a resistor, > = a diode etc. We print these on a sheet of paper and anyone who knows what the characters mean can build that circuit.
The circuit diagram is not the circuit board.
Words are not the thing they represent.
Money is not the thing you exchange it for. Etc.
The circuit is connected to a power source and energised and does whatever its designed to do, ring a bell, light a bulb or run a computer..
Around every wire and component there is a field a magnetic field and depending on the configuration perhaps other fields.
So the diagram is not the circuit board.
The circuit board is not the fields generated by the energy flowing through the components.
Around each component is a field of energy particular to that component, capacitors, diodes resistors…
If we study these fields we may see something that will tell us how to arrange the components in a more harmonious way, perhaps the diode could be near the field from a transistor or capacitor that would enable a higher functionality?
So now we can design a higher functioning machine using 3 dimensions instead of just rectilinear circuit boards, because we are sympathetic to the energy around components and perhaps it will do what it was designed to do and a little more?
If you cross reference the illustration above with the idea of a novel written backwards you can get the gist.
Build a circuit measure the fields figure out how they work together, build up a field’s library and redesign with them in mind.
I am bringing in an image here from my own research into water.
The picture I named ‘Eye of the Storm’ shows  the energy from a falling stream of water, the stream is about as thin as a pencil lead and fell about 18” before hitting the brass sheet which was laid horizontally. It shows us an energy pattern, a layout.  Of itself it is beautiful but it is showing us more, it is showing us how energy is transformed using kinetics, cymatics, resonance standing waves and charge associated with these effects WHILE the Water is in Motion.(Living) bottom row 2nd from right hover over with the mouse for name.
Other experiments I have conducted show me that one component from this new library is the vortex, so I placed a sheet under a vortex and got ‘The Eclipse’ so named because it looks like one.  Top row.
Another piece was placed at an oblique angle to a falling thin stream of water and produced what I call The Shrines ref: see gallery 2 pictures named Cerise, Ice Wall, Recognition. Hover curser over for name.
You might say same water different pictures, there are other example I can give to illustrate this that I may go into later, if you are interested.
While water is flowing it produces similar effects to copper coils but without the magnetic component it would seem. Water is both the wire for conduction and the electricity that flows through the coil, while it is moving.
The Eye of the Storm may now be looked at (working backwards) as a blueprint or plan view of an energy field.   So we recreate that energetic pattern with coils and components in a 3dimensions, not just flat circuit boards.  The picture is showing us how to wind our coils; this is how nature does it.
To create complex fields we need a language of coils that have differing windings, we could call these the vowels in this new language, the pulsations or frequencies we put through them the consonants.
Some fundamental coil shapes (Vowels) are:-

  1. Flat pancake coils.
    1. Push through coils from flat to conic or hyperbolic.Ie wind a pancake coil the push from the middle to create a conic or hyperbolic.
    2. Cylinder coils Solenoid.
    3. Straight wound doughnut or toroid. Conventionally wound.
    4. C coils.
      1. Stacked C coils on conic or hyperbolic sections. John Byde (function and wiring not known at present).
      2. The Rodin coil.
      3. STA coils Space Time Antenna (Bashar).
      4. Walter Russell coil.
      5. Fountain Giving Life.
      6. 8 ball antenna. John Byde winding of Rodin sequence.
      7. Combination coils. 8 coils 4 on top 4 below wound using doubling sequence. John Byde ref Rodin.
      8. Fluid coils, coils that work using moving fluids.
        1. Heart coil See Frank Chester.!
        2. Two opposite spins as close as possible to the same axis. Tilted to the biodynamic field at root three.
        3. Koserevs mirror combination of a capacitor and a simple 1 ½ wound coil.


  1. Celtic knotting. Gold threads through garments interacting with the body’s bio field and the Earths.  Theory of John Byde.  Biological material may perform like a copper coil but using another energy Schauberger referred to as bio electricity/ bio magnetism.
  2. Orgone Coils Slim Spurling. and

Those were the vowels the consonants, I would suggest, are the frequencies we put through the coils.
Aim: to effect or affect an event using mind, intent or our consciousness.
Relating to the back engineering of the plan view of a water spout shown by The Eye of the Storm When we get it right there will be one fundamental frequency in a central coil the emanations from this coil will be modulated by surrounding components that may include other coils that are wound in new ways, we are back engineering Mother Nature.  When we test our rig it will produce a similar pattern that the eye of the storm has shown us and we will have written its story backwards.
Just a reminder that I have seen no affects caused by conventional magnetism, the first picture on my website called Atlantis was made using a ring magnet about 6” across. See Image 1  @  
Magnetic Moon uses a small neodymium. See Image 7 @
The next part in in coils capacitance fields and other interesting stuff are stone circles and monolithic structures, the adherence of energies to shapes and the programming of such via our intentions.
When is a coil an antenna?