Gravity Manipulation & Uses

Lets talk about what we will do when we have ? as if it is here already, then the universe and our clever people can figure out how to do it.
Not everyone holds your beliefs Morpheus; my beliefs don’t require them to.
Obese male 45 post-operative back injury recuperation.
With my new A/G unit it means I can exercise. 
With the Extensive G settings it means I can select 75% g until my weight comes down after my back operation.  Gradually reducing the G setting means I don’t have to go to the hospital for physio.  With the bonus of the inertial damping it means I can never fall over and hurt myself.
75 year old grandmother.
I like my G unit it gives me confidence when I go to get some things from the store, if its icy, I am not afraid of falling because I know it will put me gently back on my feet.  (3 axis accelerometer to inertial damper unit).
20 year old male.
I use mine for fitness training I increase gravity to plus 10% and go through my routines.
Goods in goods out depot.
We don’t know how we managed before; fork lifts seem a weird idea now.  We handle all our pallets with A/G unit. Developed in the US and manufactured in Detroit it’s got to be good.
WE use ours to generate power it lifts water and we let fall through our turbine, we like travelling so we can set up anywhere.  We even used it to get a friend off a mountain.
Father of 3 Minneapolis.
They are so cheap now we use ours as a chair, but make sure the damper is on in case someone gives you a shove.
Festival organiser.
WE adapted ours to hold up a big tent, no poles are great and it’s so easy to create a space.
We take the whole family on ours we bought 6 from G Mart and hung them together by hacking the inertial dampers and telling them they were one unit.  This means we can put the garden shed on it if we want; our favourite thing is sun-downing.  We track the sun at about 1,000 mph and not a breath of wind.  We have several paths over the desert/ocean and have noticed others up there with the same idea.
We have another arm to our ground based festivals. People arrive on their units or ground based and they are ferried to The Rock, we call it that because we rock and it took us a lot of searching to find and buy a ¼ acre solid granite base which we have built this experience on.  We pick up and drop off by ferry most days so we are a festival in the sky, a cruise liner of the air and we are very popular, especially over China.
After the idea took off lol, we cancelled all our air miles; anyone can build what they want so long as parts don’t fall off.  Airworthiness is not an issue so lots of people are finding new things to do with all their spare time.  These things don’t pass any ports and are almost impossible to track.
Online business.
We use A/G drones for all our deliveries, early days was a problem with people ordering crap and hijacking the units, but now they are so cheap we even find old units returned, (ip chip for homing protocol) so people switch on old units and let them go.
The Jones’s from Edgbaston.
It’s a whole new use for google earth, we plug in coordinates and if we fly low enjoy the scenery or if we are high watch a movie, and our record is 1 hour 45 minutes to New Zealand from the UK!
Remote pitched guy.
WE get annoyed with the hoppers, you find a good patch to hang out in for a few weeks, good fishing and stuff growing fast,and before you know it someone lands next door, darn hoppers.
A/G inertial dampers manufacturers’ spokesman.
Because our units last for many years even decades buildings no longer need foundations, no earthquake damage, also no tax because they have no foundations, you just move the building and replacing a unit takes ½ an hour.
Tax implications.
Most people travel the World now so tax is very hard to apply.
Ground based people still pay local taxes but collection is a problem because no one wants the job.
Random girl flyer.
We tend to trade in goods or things we have made for local food or put on a show.
The bottom fell out of a load of markets when they came in but a whole new set of markets opened up, it was like the kids were let out of school early.  I used to make a fortune on Forex trade but I don’t miss that office a bit.  I love real coffee so I fly there in person and trade with a farmer on the antiplano; he likes Vino Verde from my vineyard in Portugal. So we are both happy.   I don’t go there because I have to. Profit, I really think that is an outmoded idea.  Experience, now that has mileage.
Amazing results company new start up.
We get anything fresh we have over 20,000 units in the air at any one time you need it we got it.
Because we can manufacture in zero G, it means there is no expense to produce exotic materials that were only possible before in Earth orbit.
New Start up.
We are a hybrid-coanda A/G unit builders. This means you can have the best of both worlds.  Don’t be fooled by the stubby wings they interface with the A/G system and let you fly a jet a glider or a wing suit, see the video of a barrel roll up the grand canyon or The North Face fly by, what a blast.  We hope to have our units available next year. 
Telecoms took a dive even the internet went dull, most people just go and visit places, friends, family rather than talk on the phone.  They stay for a while and move on, but there are plenty of stay home people, they know it’s there but are happy to use cars ha-ha.
All slopes A/G skies.
WE have never been busier access to remote ski slopes is possible now because helicopters were so limiting. Through traffic has gone up 1,000% in 2 years, people in their 70’s come because there is little danger of broken bones if you tune the skies right.  We have taken great care in the selection and training of our guides, all are welcome.
Armed forces amalgamated.
Zero wars since they came in, there is nothing to fight over, and if people need something we give it to them.
All the desert are greening nicely rainfall in the Sahara is up 300%. Desalination took a leap with the adapted units and the release of some patents…….