The writing below, including the above Water Brass Art image “Interdimensional Capsule” [image 21 from gallery 2 ~ https://www.waterbrassart.com/gallery-2/?nggpage=3] relate to a discourse on a personal expansion of the word ‘future’.
Synonyms for the word ‘future’:

  • eventual .
  • forthcoming .
  • imminent .
  • impending .
  • planned .
  • prospective .
  • subsequent .
  • ultimate .
  • approaching .
  • coming .
  • final .
  • inevitable .
  • unfolding .
  • booked .
  • budgeted .
  • close at hand .
  • coming up .
  • destined .
  • down the line .
  • down the pike .
  • down the road .
  • fated .
  • from here in .
  • from here on .
  • from here to eternity .
  • from now on in .
  • in the cards .
  • in the course of time .
  • in the offing .
  • just around the corner .
  • later .
  • likely .
  • looked toward .
  • near .
  • next .
  • scheduled .
  • to be .
  • ulterior .
  • unborn

The last one is the most interesting synonym for future.
Unborn that allows a multitude of possibilities and combinations. Mind expanding.
So if you were going to leave something, like a key or an important artefact what might that be, where and how would you hide it for some future event? Bearing in mind that others might be interested. To make sure they cannot find it and only you could you would need the best code. The best code we know of is not a enigma machine or computer code they are but shadows of the ultimate which is DNA.
The DNA would be only partially the code, the owner of the DNA would also have to remember certain things, an order and place of thinking/feeling. All thoughts leave a residue in this time space regardless of the orbit or spin of the Earth. These thought feeling spaces are in 3d but only picked up by the dividual that left them. The more focused the thought the more enduring the field. If the field is left by said holder of DNA they are the only ones that can pick it up and there may be more than one thought field. Having found the first thought field the key to others would be available for decode. Most non linear, so impossible to pick up by those stuck with linear thinking. Some thought fields may not be in this, so called dimension so one would have to reach through, using a special process to the other dimension, not necessarily for an object but another thought space.
What would be worth the trouble, is there anything so valuable worth this effort?
Only if one knew that they lived in a labyrinth would they take any trouble to see it and navigate out, or have the opportunity to do same. They may decide to stay put and forget the hole idea, enjoying their creations while forgetting they created them.
Woe thrice woe is he that enjoys forgetting his creations. ha ha, happy daze poor human in your hack proof maze.
John Byde