“An introduction to my experiential knowledge of Water Brass Art” by Isis St Germaine

“An introduction to my experiential knowledge of Water Brass Art”

By Isis St Germaine (Kristen Isis Karayani)

My passionate resonance with Water Brass Art started when John showed me one of his pictures in 2011. Not only was I attracted by the abundance of life and movement I saw in it but  also seriously impressed by the way he had invented it! (you may like to read more @ www.waterbrassart.com/introduction) 
In this particular picture (see Gallery 1, image no.6) named “Sacred Dance”, often I used to see (& still do) the actual water of the 2 jets flowing as if here & now. Working with it, i.e. engaging deeply on many levels regularly for many months, I have no doubt that all great innovations are birthed in water.

Since then, I have consistently connected with a large number of Water Brass Art images and still dancing to their tunes. Coming from a lengthy background in the therapeutic fields, I value awareness and enjoy promoting creative ways of raising it. I find that self-knowledge is in the heart of one’s evolution acting like a magical key that always opens the way ahead constructively.
Based on the various aspects of my involvement and experience with Water Brass Art, I consider it an art of the highest vibration that, like water, can dissolve the hardest obstacles without losing its essential nature.
 More specifically, I like to share below how I see the prime energetic building blocks from which John’s Art is composed.

  • To me, WATER, which occupies significantly high percentage of the Universe, therefore of the human body also, means cleansing, motion and fluidity; it is a blessing of and for transformation.

In the way I approach Water Brass Art, I see the consciousness of Water partly yet very powerfully expressing its feminine energy, since amongst other things its dance ignites and enhances intuition, nourishes one’s heart’s energies, stimulates processes of rejuvenation and furthers receptivity to healing.
When I focus on Water Brass Art images I often have a sense of water running in my inner journeying while picking the theme for me and discovering its current processes.

  • Furthermore, as a metaphor for describing how it interacts and relates with Water during their alchemical meeting, I see BRASS  like a writing piece of ‘paper’ and a metal that goes a long way back to the Atlantean civilisation.

Brass is a copper-zinc alloy of golden colour, described by many as a metal of the sun expressing masculine energy.
Copper (63%) is one of the oldest base metals in history, metaphysically; it is often described as a healing metal that operates on emotion rather than logic, teaching spontaneity and bringing fulfilment through the heart as I understand it. It acts as a very powerful bridge. It is a soft metal and one of the best conductors of electricity.
Zinc (37%) is an extremely hard metal with good insulating qualities. Metaphysically, it helps break up outworn mental structures creating room for new energies.
Combining the two together, copper and zinc; Brass becomes an excellent shield for the mental and emotional bodies as well as a powerful projector for higher energies defending against negativities.
Coming back to my involvement with Water Brass Art and my background in using flower essences for healing (flowers speaking through water), I am able to ascertain that Water has the capacity to retain, carry, transfer and contain imprints of energies. Above all, I wholeheartedly support that Water has a memory, carrying the memory of the Cosmos (like an akasha library).
 And while attracted like a magnet to the beautiful abstract-ness of Water Brass Art images with their richness in detail, I find myself fully immersed in their most unique benefits; may it be for simple focusing, inspiration, relaxation, raising awareness of the moment, making deep reflections, receiving messages, deepening facilitation of everyday life, cleansing, nourishment, rejuvenation, energizing places etc., or for the pure visual joy of simply taking a look!